Monday, May 19, 2008

This is THE DOG, Louie. I am finally Did you know that kittens can sleep

done being annoyed w/him. sitting up??

Here I am again.

My mom got a new 8 mg pixel camera so my charm should look even more vivid.
Dad calls me handsome. Mom still calls me beautiful.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

12 Week Pictures My stripes are showing.

Here I am asleep. PC is to my right looking on.

See how cute I am. Here is approximately 11 weeks.
Here was when I was first home.

Vet Day

Boy what a crazy day. My mom took me with Louie and PC to the Vet. I certainly did not like the ride and PC was in this funny box locked up. We both cried all the way there. Reports came back a clean bill of health. Got this yellow ukky stuff for "worms". I don't have worms....Plus a needle and they drew blood, but I guess I am negative for some disease called Leukemia. First shots for something. I am 3.6 pounds. PC was 16 and Louie was 87. I heard them say that Louie had lost wt. He just got a haircut, he looks scalped!!! They are not locking me up in this room anymore. I must have graduated. PC still is beating up on me once in a while but I have claws on all 4s. He likes to bite. See ya.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hey Minnesota Here I Come !

Hey guys, I'm new here. We came in from Wisconsin and left my mom and my little brother behind. These people are new and they have this huge cat called PC and very large DOG named Louie. They locked me in this room, but I have food, water, a blankie and of course a litter box.
I guess I will do OK>