Sunday, May 18, 2008

Vet Day

Boy what a crazy day. My mom took me with Louie and PC to the Vet. I certainly did not like the ride and PC was in this funny box locked up. We both cried all the way there. Reports came back a clean bill of health. Got this yellow ukky stuff for "worms". I don't have worms....Plus a needle and they drew blood, but I guess I am negative for some disease called Leukemia. First shots for something. I am 3.6 pounds. PC was 16 and Louie was 87. I heard them say that Louie had lost wt. He just got a haircut, he looks scalped!!! They are not locking me up in this room anymore. I must have graduated. PC still is beating up on me once in a while but I have claws on all 4s. He likes to bite. See ya.

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